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I-8431-80/I-8831-80 & I-843180-G/I-8831-80-G

Ethernet embedded controller


The I-8431-80/ I-8831-80 are ethernet embedded controller with 4/8 I/O slots. Both are equipped with MiniOS7,an embedded OS similar to DOS that is developed by ICPDAS Co., LTD.

The MiniOS7 can boot up in a very short time (0.4~0.8 second).It has built-in hardware diagnostic function, and supports the full functions to access all 8K and 87K series I/O modules, such as DI, DO, DIO, AI, AO, Counter/Frequency, motion modules etc.



  • Provide multi Serial Port interface on back plane.
  • COM1: RS-232
  • COM3: RS-232/RS-485
  • COM4: RS-232
  • The built-in watchdog circuit will reset the CPU module if a failure occurs in either the hardware or software, allowing the controller system more reliable and stable in harsh and
    noisy environments.
  • Dual Bus designed to supports I-8K and I-87K series I/O modules, such as DI/DO, AI/AO, Counter/Frequency modules  
  • Compact I/O Expansion slot allows the quick installation of various 8K and 87K I/O module
  • The XServer architecture greatly simplify the programming of TCP/IP protocol.
  • Supports the VxComm technique for all ports (Serial Port and Ethernet Port).
  • Firmware updated via the RS-232 port
  • Ventilated housing designed to operate between –25°C to +75°C
  • Using DIN rail clips or Screw poles around the corners allows the control unit to be easily mounted on the control box
  • Frame Ground provides a path for bypassing ESD, allowing enhanced static protection (ESD) capability and ensures that the module is more reliable.
  • Equipped with MiniOS7, an embedded OS similar to DOS that
    is developed by ICP DAS Co., LTD.
  • Provides full C library functions such as 8K, 87K I/O, 7- segment LED, RTC (real time clock), EEPROM et

Ordering Information

I-8431-80: I-8431-80 Embedded Controller

I-8831-80: I-8831-80 Embedded Controller

I-8431-80-G: I-8431-80 Embedded Controller with gray color

I-8831-80-G: I-8431-80 Embedded Controller with gray color       

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