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(Ethernet enables Modbus commands to run over TCP/IP)


I-8KE4-MTCP-G and I-8KE8-MTCP-G are Modbus/TCP I/O units with Modbus communication protocol. They support most of 8K and 87K series I/O modules, such as DI, DO, DIO, AI, AO, etc.. Most SCADA software support Modbus communication protocol, thus users can easily and quickly integrate remote I/Os to the SCADA software as data acquisition and monitor to apply to environment monitoring, power management, factory automation, etc.


  • Supports IPv4
  • Supports Modbus/TCP communication protocol at Ethernet port.
  • Supports Modbus/RTU communication protocol at RS-232 port.
  • Supports 8K and 87K series DI/DO/AI/AO/Counter/Frequency modules
  • I/O configurable via the Ethernet (Using the Modbus Utility) I/O scan engine
  • The engine can automatically scan I/O modules plug in slots and range I/O registers address to continuous to have high-data-density registers to get best communication efficiency.           
  • Support power on value and safe value for analog/digital output module.
  • Detection of I/O module communication status (online/offline).
  • The SMMI of the panel can be used to
  • Configure the network setting (IP, Mask, Gateway)         
  • Set the offset value of AI/AO module    
  • Allowed a maximum of 8 host PCs access simultaneously
  • Firmware updateable (via the RS-232 port)
  • Firmware programmable
  • We provide the Modbus SDK allowing users customized the Modbus firmware.

Ordering Information

I-8KE4-MTCP-G: 4-slots Ethernet I/O unit (Gray color)

I-8KE8-MTCP-G: 8-slots Ethernet I/O unit (Gray color)                                                     

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