Passive Backplanes

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BP Backplane Series

Supports ISA slot on one backplane! For half-sized ISA only single board computer


  • Supports standard ISA slot on the BP series passive backplane.
  • Compatible with all available ISA cards. BP backplane is also integrated with the ROCKY series ISA Card slot.

Ordering Information

BP-3S-RS-R40: 3-slot backplane with 3 ISA slots

BP-4S-RS-R40: 4-slot backplane with 4 ISA slots

BP-5S-RS-R40: 5-slot backplane with 5 ISA slots

BP-6S-RS-R40: 6-slot backplane with 6 ISA slots

BP-7S-RS-R40: 7-slot backplane with 7 ISA slots

BP-8S-RS-R41: 3-slot backplane with 3 ISA slots

BP-10S-RS-R40: 10-slot backplane with 10 ISA slots

BP-14S-RS-R40: 14-slot backplane with 14 ISA slots

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