SBC, Half Size Slot Mount


Half-size PCIe CPU card supports socket P Intel® Core™2 Duo processors and comes with VGA, LVDS, HDTV-out, Dual PCIe GbE, SATA 3Gb/s and USB 2.0

Socket P CPUDual DisplaySATA 3Gb Interface


Half-size PCIe CPU card w/ Intel® Coreā„¢ 2 Duo & VGA, LVDS, HDTV-out, USB 2.0, SATA & Audio

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Socket M CPUCF SlotSATA Interface


Intel® GME965 with Socket P Intel Core 2 Duo CPU FSB 800Mhz, VGA/LVDS, Dual PCIe GbE, SATA II

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PCISA Bus InterfaceSocket P CPUDual DisplayCF Slot

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